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tv   News at 5pm  KTVU  February 3, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> i been waiting mike whole life for this day. >> >> it's finally here, our crews are live in new orleans as our fans await the outcome of superbowl xlvii. we catch up with the faithful that made it out to the big easy back here in the bay area, hearts are racing, right now as the fans watch 49ers go after their 6th superbowl title. >> >> police getting ready for post-game celebrations what they say their plans are, win or lose. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somberville. >> i'm heather holmes. ken wayne is in new orleans for our expanded superbowl coverage. >> superbowl xlvii is underway and happening rhino, the san francisco 49ers are taking on the baltimore ravens at the super dome in new orleans.
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right now, it's a really close game. we are going to get to that in a moment. super perfection. what the 49ers are after with a win today in new orleans. the 49ers would match the pittsburgh steelers with six superbowl crowns. wu #e have live team superbowl coverage from the day area all the way to new orleans, we begin with ken wayne. he is live tonight in the french quarter. ken? >> reporter: even with many people inside watching the game on television, there are still plenty of people outside, enjoying the scene here in the french quarter. a live view of bourbon street from one of the many balconies, you can see looking down bourbon. the street is chose to vehicle traffic and thousands and thousands are people 0 outside. there are 49er fans everywhere here from the bay area and from across the country. they are showing their 49er pride, wearing red and gold outfits, jerseys, hats, you name it.
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they are all over the french quarter. as big as the party is right now, there will be an enbigger party tonight when the game is over. >> is the will be crazy. niners will win, i told all of the ravens fans i hope you like fear flavored beer. they will be crying into their drinks. >> >> reporter: another live view of bourbon street, people on the balcony of the voodoo vibe, taking in the scenery, enjoying sights and sounds of new orleans it's such a great city. a great city to host the superbowl because everybody here likes to have a good time. people visiting from across the country are enjoying themselves. we have a tip on where the 49ers will have their post-game party, a few blocks away from where we are, right now, stay tuned at 10:00, we'll check this out and see if that's where the players end up
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tonight. we'll keep our eye on that. meantime, everybody here is having a good time. live in new orleans, ken wayne, ktvu channel "2 news." 49er faithful all over new orleans, also all over the bay area. some of the most die hard fans are in the mission district of -- debra is there. >> reporter: at the traditional irish pub. every corner bar in the city, it is packed right now, and the tension is thick. let's go niners! >> reporter: 49ers fans not happy with the momentum of this game so far, but remembering how their team came back from a 17 point deficit two weeks ago to win the nfc championship. the crowd is a long way from
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giving up with half a game to go. the beer is flowing. >> we have to get these guys focused and get the jitters out of the way. >> we need to feel the vibe. they need to get the energy we have that we are going to win. >> >> reporter: the other big question, will there be trouble after the game. in the last few minutes, fire inspector and police officers showed up here. checking on overcrowding and overconsumption of alcohol the city has spent weeks warning
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fans to not repeat the rowdiness and the vandalism of the world series. we will be in the mission throughout the night to see if this superbowl turns into any kind of a super brawl. live in san francisco. ktvu channel "2 news." san francisco police and transportation officials have been ramping up for what could be major celebrations tonight. our team coverage continues with the changes being made and reaction from the mayor. ken? >> reporter: we are here on market street and powell and if you look at market street, crowds are fairly light for a sunday afternoon. i guess that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. if you look at the trolley station, you won't see a trolley. they are shut down for about he three hours, some of the small steps of of preparation being
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made. >> fans that lined up at 5:00 am to get a seat at a bar. they were prepared for the big game and the city is prepared for what follows, according to the mayor. >> i think we learned from the world series. we learned what people can do, partly maybe over -- partly because of over exuberance. >> >> reporter: we found the mayor at the gold dust lounge where he will watch part of the game. police will watch where people are gathered. >> we have extra officers throughout all of the hot spots. >> >> reporter: steps were taking, "no parking" signs put up on market street. bus service on moquette street was diverted at 5:00 p.m. along with cable cars to prevent possible damage. it will inconvenience some riders >> i'm going to have to find out where the rerouteing will
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happen and which stop will get me mao closer to where i need to get to. it will take creative thinking. >> reporter: the obvious hope that it is all for nothing. >> i think the tone will be respect the neighborhoods, celebrate all you want, but, keep that level of respect that everybody deserves. >> >> the mayor said that a peaceful celebration will help put the city in a good light, helping to draw major event the to san francisco to the bay area, for such as for example, a future superbowl. ken pritchard, ktvu news. >> >> coming up later at 5:15, anne rubin tells us how law enforcement across the bay area are making sure fans are being safe behind the wheel. >> >> coming back up at 5:30, we'll check in with ken wayne, who is with all of the fans in the billing easy and look at
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more watch parties. >> >> authorities in texas trying to piece together the deadly shooting of a former navy seal sniper at a gun ranch. the man in custody is a former marine himself. >> chris kyle, a former navy seal and author of the best selling ought biography -- shot and killed. kyle called himself the most lethal in u.s. history and was outspoken for gun advocacy. >> every shot i took, i felt extremely testified. >> >> reporter: police arrested a former marine who is believed to have left the service in 2010. the sheriff said three men parentally went to the gun range together. after the shooting. he retreated to his sister's house and told her about the incident. she called police and after a
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short pursuit. he was arrested. chris kyle and chad littlefield were involved in helping veterans with pts different, however, it was uncertain if he were the counselor veteran they were counseling. >> at this point, he hasn't made any comment to law enforcement as to why he did it. >> reporter: travis cox knew both kyle and littlefield and remembered them as men with a vision to help veterans >> i think chris would want to be known as a great family man. more than anything, a good husband and a good father, a good seal. a great american. >> reporter: kyle leaves behind a wife and two children. ktvu channel "2 news." more details on chris kyle. he helped to establish a nonprofit foundation aimed to help veterans battling post
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traumatic stress disorder get access to exercise equipment. the surf was up along the bay area coastline. waves were cresting at more than 25 feet high. those taking the plunge, near perfect condition, this swell is expected to diminish tomorrow. . the swell definitely picked up over the past 24 hours. nice conditions out there, but you always want to be careful if you are visiting the coast. things begin to back off a little bit. here is a look at some of the current buoy reports and waves, 8-10 feet, could have a little more focus closer to the shoreline. as far as temperatures, currently, they are in the 50s to lower 60s, right now, it's
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62 degrees in antioch, downtown, 54, santa rosa, 54, 58 degrees. satellite and radar, high clouds that were in southern california, now moving out of town. the storm track -- heading out of town, but that could be changing later in the week. dense fog to start out the day, temperatures will be in the upper 30s to the 40s. santa rosa, 37. san jose 33, livermore, 33. watch out for a big dropoff on visibility. first thing monday morning, we could be tracking rain in our five-day forecast >> we will explain how police are trying to cut down on post superbowl crashes. >> >> a north bay man missing and his bizarre behavior before he
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disappeared. >> >> new details in the death of a teen-age girl whose naked body was found in a fairfield park. how authorities are now saying she died. .
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a live look at downtown san francisco. you can see the flag waving proudly. one of many ways the bay area is showing the support for the 49ers. right now, they will need it. they are down 21-6. >> >> anne rubin continues our superbowl coverage, now, from sunnyvale. >> anne? >> reporter: woe are here at the plow max where fans are waiting and hoping for the best. meanwhile, police are, too. they are gearing up for a big night of dui checkpoints on the roadways, trying to make sure fans make it home safely. the big game means big business
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in bars like the blue max. keeping an eye on his patrons -- >> we cut them off if they have too much. we wouldn't tolerate that. >> reporter: according to up interestle a alcohol related car crashes shoot up 17% on superbowl sunday compared to other sundays. >> >> as a result, sunnyvale police plan to be out in force. >> we want people to be aware of the statistics an problems that occur with drinking and driving. drinking and driving is 100% preventible. >> reporter: there will be a dui checkpoint there following the superbowl. they are not alone. police in san francisco are doing robing enforce machine. rope hoping the massive police presence acts as a deterrent for would be drunk drivers it is to vickie peterson >> i never had one, i chose not to drink tonight. >> >> reporter: she doesn't want a dui.
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>> i don't want to risk it. they put such a big emphasis of tonight's game, they are out there looking and i don't want to get caught. >> reporter: when the game ends, dui enforcement really begins. sunnyvale checkpoint runs from 6:00 to midnight. the department plans to use social media to keep residents informed. live in sunnyvale, anne rubins, ktvu. >> >> a car lost control, happening about 3:00 am near bancroft. the accident knocked out power to more than a dozen homes. pg & e said restoring it took longer than usual because they were short staffed because of the superbowl. one neighbor said that was the third accident at that intersection recently. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> >> deputies called out at 5:00
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am princeton street, witness says one victim was stabbed four times in the back and once in the shoulder. two other people were taken to eden medical center in castro valley and the third is being treated at highland hospital. authorities have not released any suspect information. >> >> authorities in sonoma county searching for a derespondent man last seen naked and chanting. crews have been looking for him in santa rosa. the man disappeared from there yesterday after neighbors reported strange behavior. authorities say it was a mountain biker that saw him last. >> someone who fit the description, fall, 6'6 male, white male, up in annandale and what is odd their that, he disrobed himself and he was chanting. >> >> authorities continued their search all day and all night. saying he was upset about the breakup of a marriage and he
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has mental health issues. he does not, however, have a history of violence. >> >> new information on the homicide involving a 13-year- old girl in fairfield. police say the girl was strangled. a passerby found her body last week, she had disappeared the day before. they had not released her name, but we know she was living in a foster home. homicide detectives are trying to track down leads and are urging anyone with information to come forward. >> >> it is the 6th day of the stanoff in alabama where a five- year-old boy is being held in an underground bunker. today, the town mourned the bus driver killed tuesday, trying to protect the boy and other passengers aboard a school bus. >> he continues to accept food and medicine for the boy who is autistic. >> he is coming out.
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we don't know when. we wouldn't ever know why we were faced with this. >> >> reporter: the 65-year-old died, decorated vietnam veteran and a survivalist, local police officers call him as against the government starting with obama on down. >> >> in the gun control debate, nra came out strongly against a proposed assault weapons ban. >> if you limit the american public's abscess to this, you limit their ability to survive. if someone is invading your house, you should have what you need to protect yourself. not what some politician thinks is reasonable. >> >> mark kelly, former astronaut and husband of gabby giffords wants to get assault weapons off the streets to prevent shootings like the one that almost killed his wife. >> this isn't about the 2nd amendment any more. this is about public safety.
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we had 201st graders die in their classrooms because we don't have sufficient gun violence legislation in this country. >> >> president obama is taking his pitch for gun control on the road this week, starting with minneapolis. also, this week, house members plan to introduce a bill to make firearms trafficking a federal crime >> mandatory criminal background checks for every sale -- >> mayors against illegal guns produced this ad that aired during the superbowl. it features a sound byte from 1999 when the nra head told congress he supported background checks at gun shows last week, he declared the nra is against universal background checks calling them too bureaucratic. in an interview with cbs news, president obama said he supports allowing gays into the boy scouts. >> scouts are a great
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institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership. it will serve people for the rest of their lives. i think nobody should be barred for that. >> >> the scouting organization announced last week it is considering lifting its ban on gay members and let local troop leaders decide on the issue. the board meets tomorrow and is considered to discuss the change. >> >> a police beating seen by thousands, with some activists are demanding. >> >> hundreds are left homeless after this massive fire overseas, why authorities say it could have been much worst. >> >> have you seen this video from you tube. a little girl from the east bacon ducting a science test, why it has turned into a huge hit. .
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the egyptian government has issued a rare apology after a protester was stripped naked and beaten during demonstrations near the presidential palace near cairo. video was aired live friday night. human rights activists said the attack ill straights the ongoing need for changes at the highest levels of government. >> one of the main demands of this revolution has been reform and restructuring of the minister of interior, which is
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responsible for the police forces. unfortunately, nothing has happened initially, the victim denied police assaulted him. despite video to the controversy. family members say he had been coerced to say that by egyptian forces. >>? in iraq, 135 people dead, 100 wounded after suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a police headquarters. a look at the aftermath in kirkuk. at this point, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. >> >> in bangladesh, devastation and heart ache as fire ripped through ushanty town outskirts of the capital. leaving an estimated 500 people homeless. firefighters say it took two hours to put out the flames. in all, 200 homes destroyed. no reports of any injuries from
5:28 pm
the fire the cause of the fire still under investigation. >> >> in london, police used a taser to subdue a man holding two knives outside of buckingham palace. the man has not been identified and it's not clear why he was holing the knives. witnesses say the police acted quickly and hundred says of tourists in the area remained calm. >> >> you tube video posted by a little girl from antioch quickly becoming a huge hit. it features a small rocket lifting hello kitty as she launched into the atmosphere with a weather balloon. this was a science project. the rocket plunged back to earth. rojas found it in a tree. the video has been viewed now by more than 83,000 people in just one week. >> >> all right, our superbowl coverage continues, right after
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the break. we'll go back live to ken wayne in the big easy, where the party is going on and on and on and on. . and we are also live out here in the east bay with the 49ers faithful as they watch the superbowl and cheer on the home team. >> >> . it may seem like everyone in the city has 49er fever. we found some popular spots of people not interested in football. >> >> you can watch all of our newscast live, plus get drive time traffic. bay area weather and video of breaking news any time, anywhere. . what happened last night? apparently we went to jack in the box at 1:54am.
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a a live look at the super dome in new orleans where tens of thousands of people are inside, right now, watching the 49ers take on the baltimore ravens in superbowl xlvii. half time just coming to an end, unfortunately, it's not looking good for the niners right now, they are down 21-6. new orleans has been crazy all week, especially, as you might imagine in the french quarter. we have continuing coverage of the superbowl we go to ken wayne, who is right in the middle of all of the action there. >> ken? >> reporter: we are in the french quarter inside of a place called voodoo vibe with some 49er fans trying to be optimistic. they are from san jose. how are you feeling about the game? >> a little disappointed. so many mistakes, turnovers. we have come back before. we can do it again. >> >> reporter: folks are inside watching the game, but stepping
5:33 pm
outside onto the balance balcony, looking live at bourbon street, still, plenty of people having a good time. a lot of people out there wearing 49ers colors, enjoying the sights and sounds of the big easy. this is a party town and people are having a big superbowl party all across the city. inside of the super dome and outside. so, we'll be here the rest of the night. we will hunt down the 49er post superbowl party. we have a tip on where it is. we will go check this out, later on. for now, live in new orleans, ken wayne, ktvu news. people are gathered for superbowl parties all across the area. including a unique location in san francisco. more than 1,000 people staked out their spots earlier today, got the day going with bottomless mimosas and they are
5:34 pm
watching the game on 10 giant tv's. >> it was a really good vibe. it's all about the vibe. >> i feel good, man. this is it. there is a bar that remain open all day long and catering trucks are serving food and drinks through dinner >> needless to say football fans are watching all over the area. kara lou continues our coverage from walnut creek. >> >> reporter: we have some dedicated fans here, almost everyone here dressed in red and a lively atmosphere as westward the third thats was was the reaction after one of collin kaepernick's first big plays. a lot of people intently focused on the game.
5:35 pm
san francisco fell behind early on. the faithful are confident there will be a comeback. >> we are going to do it, right? i swear. the greatest team ever. i'm not worried. i'm not worried. are you worried? >> i'm not worried. just like the last game, they always come back. 49ers will win. yes, san francisco! >> and again, a lot of 49er faithful. everybody decked out in jerseys and red, we have counted exactly one single ravens fan. he is not wearing purple and he has been hiding most of the afternoon. we'll see if we can corner him for an incompetent view. [ cheers and applause ] san jose 49er fans packed this pub to watch the game.
5:36 pm
it's a neighborhood hot spot for football and all sporting events. fans we spoke to said they are happy that those 49ers heading to santa claira are in this year's superbowl. >> >> on nob hill, some clergy wore jerseys. dr. jam shaw wore gold. there was a special superbowl prayer, giving thanks to the joy of leisure and sports. >> mr. we will continue to follow the superbowl for you throughout the night. coming up right after the game, remember to switch to 2 for a live local post-game show. >> >> the superbowl may be a huge deal here in the bay area for obvious reasons, but not everyone is glued to their tv's today. a new poll from seton hall suggesteds 53% of americans don't care who wins the superbowl and 30% said they
5:37 pm
don't plan to watch of those watching, 26 part rooting for the niners, 21% pulling for the ravens >> every year, the most watched television event in the united states. as the poll just showed, not everyone is watching. checking out popular spots in the bay area for folks that are not interested in the game. >> reporter: it may seem like the entire city is wrapped in red and gold pride, but some san francisco residents had no interest in the big game. >> i'm not planning to watch the superbowl. >> i'm not a big sports fan one way or another. i'm missing the gene or something. >> reporter: they were not alone. carmen came all the way to fend superbowl sunday at the san francisco zoo >> the zoo offered free entries far kids wearing niners colors, but this seven-year-old is not the fan and didn't get the memo
5:38 pm
>> i don't know, i don't really like football. >> reporter: >> how busy are you expecking it to be this afternoon? >> empty. >> that the way you like it? >> yes, we will go through this in probably an hour. >> reporter: shoppers in downtown san francisco had the same idea. >> i'm happy. >> i don't have to worry about crowds >> i don't know why everyone is so gung ho for football. >> but the fans say they are confused. >> >> it's an epic mainstream event. even if you don't like football, you should get involved. >> different strokes for different folks. >> >> reporter: some niners fans say they understand, football is one of many things to enjoy in the city. >> >> a water main break lead to a soggy scene in a peninsula
5:39 pm
neighborhood. utility crews worked to repair the intersection at helen drive. the break reported at 6:30 am. a spokes woman said it affected water pressure for the entire city. federal regulators ban the transport of lithium batteries on airlines, associated press found that while the faa had concern about the cattery as cargo, they did make exemptions for aircraft lithium batteries for the convenience of airlines that quickly need to shift replacement baltimorerys to planes. in effect, the 787 batteries are now only allowed to fly if they are not attached to a new dream liner. >> >> oracle about to relaunch a racing yacht that got torn up several months ago. the team said repairs and
5:40 pm
modifications are almost done. the ac72 was damaged when it capsized during a training run back in october. the team will be launching a second raising yacht sometime this spring. >> >> still to come, a celebration of culture in the city. the annual event in san francisco that brings life to the vietnamese culture >> our meteorologist will tell us more about the weather, when we come back. . hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. we are following some breaking news for you out of new orleans, superbowl xlvii is underway, now in the third quarter, but a few minutes ago, the power wept out at the super dome. happening now, the 49ers score taking on the baltimore ravens at the super dome. score 28-6, but as we just told
5:43 pm
you, the power lost there at the super dome. we are not sure what the cause of that is. but as you can imagine, hundreds of thousands of people are packed in that stadium watching the 49ers battle the ravens for football's biggest prize, the lombardi trophy, but we are following breaking news, power has gone out at the super tomorrow, officials working to restore the power and figure out what triggered the problem. we'll keep you posted on that. >> >> meantime, we'll talk about our weather because changes are in store later on this week. >> mr. we could final i be talking about a few showers, nothing too major. of course, today, we are wrapping up a nice weekend. we are rooting for the 49ers, they have to catch up over the next half or so, a little breeze over san francisco bay. nice day to be outside after low clouds and fog very early
5:44 pm
this morning. as far as temperatures this afternoon, they range from the upper 50s to the lower 60s, really not a big change from yesterday and right now, we'll look at the satellite and radar we have a batch of high clouds approaching the north. temperatures, right now, at last check for this 5:00 hour checking in in the 50s to 60 degrees for most spots. san jose, 54, fairfield in the upper 50s. >> forecast headlines for tonight, partly cloudy skies, tomorrow, morning fog and hazy sunshine into the afternoon hours, extended we could be tracking some showers especially heading towards thursday and also a dropoff in temperatures. once again, overall weather patterns. clouds to the south and north. for tomorrow, watch out for areas of dense fog, low visibilities near the coast and inland valleys for your monday
5:45 pm
morning. impacting your visibility first thing tomorrow morning. a dry weather pattern. monday, tuesday and wednesday with the sun cloud mix. we could have a few extra clouds by tuesday morning and after wednesday, we could be tracking some of the showers, heading towards thursday. here's the forecast models, showing this, thirst thing tomorrow morning, clouds hugging the coastline to our west and to our east, central valley fog. i suspect a little mother coverage first thing in the morning. afternoon, hazy sunshine by 4:00 temperatures not a big change from the readings we had today. lots of 50s out there, locations approaching the 60- degree mark. santa rosa, 58. san jose, 60 degrees. freemont at 60, half moon bay, 57, starting out with fog first thing. monday, a look ahead at the five-day forecast.
5:46 pm
into tuesday, cloud cover mainly for the morning hours. clouds should be on the decrease monday afternoon. there is the rain cloud, chance of a few showers by the piggest change will be dropoff in temperatures thursday and friday with your weekend in view. morning fog and partly cloudy skies, thanks, mark. >> >> we'll be back with sports, again, breaking news, the lights have gone out at the superbowl. we are working to find out why. more on that an the rest of sports coming up after the break. .
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good evening, everyone, i'm
5:49 pm
so grateful you are joining us for this early sunday edition of sports wrap. >> >> waste management ever are -- this year, phil mickelson was the toast of the town. the famous stadium surrounded par 3 -- caddies racing to the green. you won't sigh this as pebble beach next week, folks. >> 20,000 fans breathing down the golfer's neck. it will be excruciating. it can be a blast. wait to you see how he handles this, 9 under 62, finished for 16 >> he started the day with a sick shot lead, watch this,
5:50 pm
winding, 6 6'birdie at number seven. when he makes this birdie on 17, he beats by six four shots. he heads to pebble beach to defend his title, thursday >> the elephant in the room is that we are doing a sports cast in the middle of the biggest sporting event of the year. lights in the super dome just went out. we will try to have a report with ken wayne in his sports cast. the last time they were host, 1989 where oakland as beat the giants in the world series. now, the giants, second world series title in three years. their first superbowl appearance answer '95. putting the rest of the world on
5:51 pm
appearance >> reporter: the biggest news maker, but winning the american league title may have made oakland one of the most inspirational stories of the year. >> what's going on? >> i don't know, it must be the weather. >> >> reporter: can winning be contagious, warriors are off to their best start in 21 years. >> setting the bar even higher and hopefully, we can follow suit >> it gets you exsided excited. alove out fans, see their enthusiasm out here, makes us excited to go out there and start the season. >> >> reporter: sharks perennial playoff hockey team, but they start with a franchise record
5:52 pm
seven game winning streak. >> that is one of the great reasons for playing here. >> we follow the bay area teams for a good couple of years for teams out there. obviously, we want to do well this year and we are all cheering for the various teams. >> i'm not really in into the nfl team, but i have to go with pay area team that everybody is going to . it would be neat to see them bring it back. >> i just lost 10,000 followers on twitter, by the way. >> >> coming up, ken wayne talks to us live from new orleans regarding the power outage.
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men's pac12 basketball schedule, still up for grabs seven teams are within two of first place. that includes stanford. oregon state check out dwight powell. josh hustis to the rescue, hitting the three. he scores 16, cardinals take it. cardinal women played oregon state, today as well career high, 32 points in 18 rebounds, cardinals were never really challenged today. >> stanford is 20-2. 8-1 in
5:56 pm
the pac12. women's pac12 race is really all about those two local teams. finally, high school basketball in new york. score tied. seconds left. daniel barley has the ball. watch him lose his balance, but keep his focus. somehow, mr. daley hits the game winning basket. daniel bay barley. he made the shot. . that is sports a as we see it for this early sunday edition of sports. i would like my wife for being loyal, she actually watched this show instead of the 49ers. >> we have a story going on there. >> >> absolutely, what fred is talking about, breaking news we are following where the superbowl plunged into darkness. the power went out after the third quarter began. >> the power is starting to come back on. players are warming up, the
5:57 pm
game is still delayed. ken wayne is not far from the super dome in the fourth quarter. >> i can tell you whatever power problem exists at the super dome right now, we don't have that power in the french quarter, looking behind me. plenty of power, all of the neon lights are working. restaurants, cars, clubs open. many of the people who have not been watching the game have no idea what is going on inside of the super dome. looking out, you can see the skyscrapers, all of the lieds on there as well. all of the downtown -- we are 1 1/2 miles away from the super dome, which is in the general direction you are looking a the from here in the french quarter. the super dome sits on the
5:58 pm
edge of downtown new orleans. then construction started on building in 1971 and was completed in 1975, you are talking about a building that is roughly four decades old, so it's an old structure, one of the older stadiums in the "analyze this," i was thinking about what happen the at candlestick part last season when monday night football took place and power wept out at candle stick and the mayor said it was a block eye on the city for allowing it to happen. >> this is a whole different level. you are talking about the superbowl, one of the most watched television events in the country every year, in fact, the most watched event, with probably 100 million people tuning in and the power
5:59 pm
is out. the power is still out, in fact. at the super dome. there is light, but not enough light to continue the game. it has been out for 20 minutes or so, now, i have reports that it takes awhile to recycle the lights if that is what the problem is to get them back on. that's why there could be a delay. if nothing else, we have no idea how long the power will be out. it doesn't have anything to do with the weather. pretty good rain, tuesday morning,y high wind says. but that is out of the way. it's all gorgeous. keep an eye out for us. officials try to fix the problem there in new orleans. >> >> be sure to switch to ktvu. >> >> hopefully, run or lose, ceat


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